Thanks for your interest in Passion for Produce LLC. My name is Michelle Silva. I am the Founder/Owner of the Passion for Produce organic fruits and veggies buying club and suburban aquaponic farm located in Sarasota, Fl. I started the buying club in 2004 and in Fall 2010 started growing greens in the aquaponic system.

I am dedicated to producing and purchasing locally grown (whenever available),
organic and seasonal produce. Much of the produce is “Certified Organic”.A conscious effort is always made to buy whatever items (only those grown organically, without any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers) that are LOCALLY grown, either from our own organic farm or from other farmers I know and trust. Most often the seeds are open pollinated, organic and heirloom, avoiding GMO’s. I choose to make local organically grown produce a priority, not just for the health of our family and friends, but for the health of the planet as well. Produce that is picked fresh and local, is the healthiest and preferred option, and often can cost less, not having the additional distributor costs. There have been studies that have shown nutrient loss in greens only an hour after harvest! It not only tastes great and is good for us, but it is a much more sustainabile way of living.

Any items that are purchased are in bulk and at wholesale cost. Much of the
discount is passed on to the members, allowing for a greater savings over paying
retail prices. The local produce is generally harvested the morning of pick up day. Many members have told me they enjoy being in the club because it makes fresh organic, local  foods more readily available. They’ve also said it encourages them to try different things, as I do try to get some unusual items as well.

I hope you give the club a try and see if it works for you!

~Michelle Silva